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Thrivister is currently developing our curriculum for students and parents  


Level Up Student Skills Course

Everything in Summer Lite: Great for students and parents that still want executive functioning support. Work with your coach once a week and message in between to continue growing skills in time management, organization, flexible thinking, and more in a non-academic way. Feel confident applying your new skills next school year for even more success!

PLUS executive function skills classes available on your own time and live workshops. Also, partner with your coach on EFS summer challenges.


The Parents Academic Success Course

Teaching parents key tools for supporting their student with Executive Function Skill Challenges

This course was developed and written by professionals and experts in the coaching, ADHD, and Executive Function fields.

Help your child identify and develop their weak executive function skills like time-management, focus, emotional regulation and organization, so they can go from overwhelmed to back on track in school and life!

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